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Here you can find news and current events relating to the Jackson County Municipal Court. Please check back here frequently as this page will be updated regularly.

Last Updated on: Friday, 08-Oct-2010 11:10:34 EDT

Judge declares two-month amnesty

JACKSON--The Jackson County Municipal Court says "pay your past fines now or face the possibility of stricter enforcement later." On October 1, 2010, an Amnesty Program for overdue fines has been declared by court order of Judge Mark T. Musick, and this Amnesty Award is good through the last day of November, 2010.

During the Amnesty Program period, anyone who has an outstanding warrant from the period of January 1989 through December 31, 2009, for failing to pay fines, non-compliance with other court orders, probation violations, etc …may report to the clerk’s office without fear of arrest. The violator must pay the outstanding balance on all cases that will include court costs, fines, probation fees, restitution, and license forfeiture (block) fees.

As an additional incentive, during the Amnesty Program period, the court costs for issuing the warrant will be WAIVED. Once this has been accomplished, the warrant will be recalled and your case(s) closed within the Jackson County Municipal Court with no further action required. Any traffic, criminal, probation, or civil case may be resolved in this manner. With this program in place, offenders must understand that by paying fines, costs, and restitution, they have the opportunity to have completion on their unfinished court business without further penalty. This will also lift the warrant blocks on the offender’s license. The court believes that relieving the back log of warrants will alleviate the overcrowding at the local jail, as the inmate population is normally planned. However, warrants are executed on the spot, at the moment that law enforcement makes first contact with the person the subject of a warrant. The immediate result is usually jail until the person is brought physically before the court by the jailer.

Although the court realizes that some persons are afraid to come forward and face the responsibility or the fear of arrest, during the amnesty period a person can come in completely voluntarily and not be concerned about arrest.

All persons wishing to take advantage of the Amnesty Program should report in person, Monday through Friday during business hours, 8:00 am through 4:00 pm at Jackson County Municipal Court, 295 Broadway Street Jackson, Ohio 456640 (Court Street entrance).

Mark T. Musick, Judge Jackson County Municipal Court

Contacts: Diana K. Morris, Clerk of Municipal Court and Derek A. Cales, Chief Deputy Bailiff